Serenity Hair Design is Moving and Merging with Malena’s Hair Design


Serenity Hair Design, currently located on the corner of State Road 26 and Creasy Lane, right next to D&R Market. The salon will move and begin accepting clients at the new location starting July 1st, 2013.

Malena’s Hair Design is located on 3461 Union Street, Lafayette, IN 47904. Serenity’s current phone number will remain active; so existing clients can continue to call the same number for questions and/or appointments. All existing appointments will remain at the same time, and with the same stylist; they will just take place at the new location.

“I am looking forward to the transition and to be working with my sister, Malena” said Owner Juanita Gaeta. “It’s sad to leave the space I started at, but I am so excited to begin this new chapter. At Malena’s we will be able to offer a more private setting and an extended list of services, including facials and manicures.”

Continuous updates will be posted on Serenity’s Facebook page.

Serenity Hair Design is located on 133 N. Creasy Lane, Lafayette IN. Owner, Juanita Gaeta opened the doors in April of 2010. Serenity Hair Design offers a variety of hair services including color, hair cutting, extensions, formal styling and facial waxing.

Contact: Juanita Gaeta
Tel. 765.447.4214

Advertisements’s New Virtual Community for Salon Professionals (BTC) is an online-based company that provides education, retail and industry-related information to salon professionals. With over 600,000 members world-wide, has built a strong reputation withing the salon industry. About a month and a half ago, BTC launched its own virtual community on This community is open only to salon professionals (stylists, make-up artists, estheticians, owners, etc.). It is a place where stylists can create a profile, upload and share their professional work and interact with each other.

Other websites have attempted to create virtual communities in which stylists can create and share their work, but have not been successful in doing so. The initial concept behind these sites is genius, but they all seem to fail when it comes to gaining awareness and engaging social media, making it impossible to achieve success. This is where I think that BTC stands out and why it will become the go-to community for salon professionals to interact and upload their portfolios.

First of all, already has a name for itself and a large following, which gives this new community a great platform right off the bat. On top of that though, BTC does a phenomenal job of engaging their audience, especially via social media (i.e. competitions, personal responses, etc.). Upon launching the new community, BTC sent out one email promoting a hair color competition in which stylist could have their work published in BTC’s book or magazine to encourage stylists to join the community and upload images of their work. According to Mary Rector-Gable, founder and President of, within 5 days there were 8,000 pictures uploaded from over 4,000 people to the site (Stylist Choice Awards, 2013). There are currently over 5,500 members registered on the BTC community.


Successful email promotion from

This community does more than just allow stylists to interact and share work though. Making this new community available through BTC’s website will also encourage salon professionals (BTC’s primary audience), to engage with the rest of the site more regularly, which I would imagine, will result in a positive correlation to increased sales.

My only suggestion for the BTC community would be to integrate a component that would allow clients and potential clientele to browse stylists’ work. For example, someone looking for a new stylist might be able to search and view the images of stylists in their area. If said potential client likes the work of a specific stylist, they could call the salon and schedule an appointment or consultation. Stylists would just need to provide their salon name, number and location. While something like this could be done as a separate site that links to uploaded images, I think that it would be more effective as a part of the existing salon community; however non-professionals should still not be able to attain membership and access features such as industry education.  This would encourage stylist to post more images and it would draw a larger audience to the site. While salon clients may not be interested in salon education, they could be interested in making a purchase from BTC’s retail store either themselves or when looking for a gift for their stylist.

 Stylist Choice Awards. Mary Rector-Gable. (2013, March 10). McCormick Place, Chicago, Il. (Can be viewed online at