NickMom uses Social Toaster to create a Semi-User-Generated Content Buzz

social toaster logoSocial Toaster works to help companies increase presence in social media through encouraging a company’s current audience to share content via social media. Social Toaster then tracks activity to help assess effectiveness. I am going to discuss how is using this program and why I think that it is successful. is a parenting website that accompanies the adult-centered television program, NickMom, which targets women with children, and airs on the Nick Jr. network after 10pm. The program just launched in the fall of 2012, and has already created quite a buzz in online communities. recently launched NickMom Clique via Social Toaster. On NickMom Clique, people can earn points and win prizes by sharing specific content with their Facebook friends and/or Twitter followers. NickMom Clique seems to be successfully engaging current and potential viewers.

NickMom Welcome Email

The content that members share is not entirely user generated, but, as I am calling it, semi-user-generated, because the actual message is pushed by the company. Status updates can include a link to content from an email newsletter and/or have a specific keyword or hashtag that users must include (ex: #motherfunny) to earn points towards prizes or other incentives. In other words, NickMom tells users what to post about, and users get points for social media shares that include the recommended content.

This gives NickMom some control or influence over what content they want out there, but the statuses themselves are still being shared by the public. This is a great way for a company to gain stronger presence in the world of social media (or at least on Facebook and Twitter) for many reasons.

People are already engaging in social media and sharing recommendations. Offering incentives for the current audience to engage with NickMom and share via their social media networks does more than help to expand online presence. It also strengthens the existing audience by bringing them together in an online community and further exposing that audience to the company’s message.  Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer shows that people trust people like themselves over a company’s employees or CEO. Based on this, a company’s message will likely have more influence if it comes from someone’s peers than if it comes directly from the company.

This model for social media engagement and expansion seems like the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the company is able to steer the direction of the message that is being shared on social media, but the actual sharing is generated by the public. According to Social Toaster, when a company encourages a message to be shared, users are choosing to share the content 42% of the time and reaching 313 people on average. I expect that we will continue to see more companies implementing social media campaigns like this.

NickMom Clique Cheers


Wabash National: Local Innovators with National Impact

Previously, I signed up to participate in PRSA/PRSSA’s Half Day with a Pro event. I was excited to learn that I had been paired with Wabash National, a corporation here in Lafayette, Ind. Today, I (along with two other PRSSA Purdue members) had the pleasure of visiting and learning about this great company. First of all, the staff was wonderful. Everyone we met today was so nice and gave us a ton of great information. One thing that always speaks volumes to me is how employees feel about their jobs and their employer. The team at Wabash National was passionate, friendly and excited to give us the inside scoop on life where they work. Wabash National seems to have a fun and fast-paced atmosphere. The company offers it’s employees great benefits, with new and exciting health benefit initiatives in the works.

Wabash National Showroom

Wabash National produces more than just semi trailers.  In fact, one of the things that really stood out to me, and sparked the title of this post, was their new new and innovative DuraPlate foldable mobile shelters. That’s right… foldable!

“A multi-purpose insulated solution for everything from mobile offices to temporary living quarters, this patent-pending product is easily transported and can be assembled on-site in about 15 minutes. Modular and completely configurable, the mobile shelter can be customized for temporary offices, disaster relief, humanitarian aid and military field operations.” – Wabash National Corporation

These were developed and produced right before Hurricane Sandy hit. Wabash National has “shipped storage containers to the Salvation Army to help store supplies and donations for victims of Superstorm Sandy. [Wabash National] sent six containers, which were full in 1 hour!” – Celeste Stanley, Marketing Communications Manager at Wabash National Corporation.

DuraPlate mobile shelter

Mobile shelters and storage units fold down for easy transportation.

ATTENTION PURDUE PRSSA MEMBERS: Wabash National is currently accepting applications for Spring, Summer and Fall interns. If you are looking for an internship and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, click the link and download this attachment for more info: Wabash National Marketing Intern listing – Jan 2013.

Wabash National Website: