The images we consume…

I would like to discuss how people perceive images in the media and the affects those images have on society.  Most of the images that we view have been altered to create an ideal or a fantasy, as opposed to a reality. Most Americans are probably aware that advertising images are altered, but that doesContinue reading “The images we consume…”

Corporate Sponsorship: Advertising & Ethics in Relation to Academia

Purdue is contracted with various brands whose products and promotions can be found around campus and at various events. This is a topic that was brought up for discussion in one of my advertising classes recently. The question was brought up in one of my classes regarding whether or not corporations could/should begin to dictateContinue reading “Corporate Sponsorship: Advertising & Ethics in Relation to Academia”

Advertising in the World of Social Media: Problems & a Proposal

There has been controversy and some trouble with finding the best way to monetize the internet. Part of the problem in advertising today is that people feel bombarded by unwanted advertising messages.  Ads seen by people who are not potential prospects result in wasted exposure. And ads seen by people who feel forced to viewContinue reading “Advertising in the World of Social Media: Problems & a Proposal”