5 Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks

The makeup on the show Euphoria is so groundbreaking and already setting so many trends to watch for over the next year or so. We see rhinestone gems, neon eyes, geometric eyeliner shapes, winged eye drama, 90’s and 00’s inspired looks and so much more. I chose looks that I felt were true to each of the five main female characters in the show to create some really exciting and playful euphoric makeup.

Jules’ Euphoria Inspired Look: Minimalist Color Pop

Jules is such an iconic character on this show. Her makeup immediately stood out to me for because it is bold and eye catching, while also very minimalist and unrefined. We often see her with geometric eye liner shapes and bright pops of color that are completely eye catching. The rest of her makeup often feels very understated if she has any other makeup on at all.

I chose this look for Jules because if felt it captured the essence of her character. I intentionally left this look a bit unpolished and focused on a simple pop of color and brushed brow. I kept the rest of the makeup low key with a tinted moisturizer and chap-stick on the lip. I did not even use mascara for this one. I did add a holographic choker because I just felt like it was giving me Jules vibes. View the Instagram post description for the list of products used in this look.

Rue’s Euphoria Makeup: Glitter Under Eye

For Rue’s glitter makeup look from Euphoria I used inspiration from the show’s cover and some other shots we have seen of Rue. We don’t see a lot of makeup on Rue in Euphoria, but when we do I feel like she gives us glitter and music festival vibes.

While I think this look is more suited for a festival or night out, it is such a fun vibe. I really enjoyed trying this one and was definitely feeling the excessive amount of glitter under the eye. To see all the products I used for this look, see the Instagram description on the photo above.

Cassie Makeup on Euphoria: Sweet with Rhinestones

If you’ve seen Euphoria, you know Cassie is a total babe. She is such a classic girl-next-door beauty and i feel like her makeup looks are the ones I would be most likely to wear out personally. Cassie’s character is interesting because while she comes off as very sexual, she also carries this sense of mystery and sweetness that I think are played up in many of her makeup looks.

For this look I used a full coverage foundation and did a little bit of contouring and highlighting to create that very polished, “natural” beauty makeup look. I also added some rhinestone gems near the outer corners of they eyes because we do see so many rhinestones in this show and I am beyond here for it.

To see all the products I used for this look, see the Instagram description on the photo above.

Maddy’s Dramatic Eye Liner on Euphoria

Maddy’s Euphoria inspired makeup was definitely a vibe. I was not sure how I would feel about this look on me, but I ended up completely loving this dramatic winged eyeliner and dark lip. For Maddy’s makeup I used a white shimmery base all the way up to the brow, blue and grey eye shadow, KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner for that dramatic eye liner wing and sharply lined inner corner of the eyes, full contour and a really dark, slightly ombre’d lip.

This look was so bold and gave me all the 90’s and early 00’s vibes. To see all the products I used for this look, see the Instagram description on the photo above.

Kat’s Bold Power Move

That scene with Kat claiming her power and really feeling herself as she walks through the mall was EVERYTHING. I mean immediately yes. When it came to Kat’s euphoria makeup I knew I had to lean in on that vibe.

This look was probably the most dramatic of all of the looks (or felt the most dramatic to me) because of that color in the smokey eye and the red lip. It was a lot of makeup, but it also turned out so good that I had to switch up the hair and fit a little to match the vibe.

I am not half as cool as Kat, but it was definitely fun to play with this type of a look and get into it. To see all the products I used for this look, see the Instagram description on the photo above.

Euphoria Makeup Looks Video

If you want to watch the whole process for each of these looks, check out the video below. I do have time stamps in the description if you want to view on YouTube and skip to a specific look.

Published by Erin Mullen

I am currently a senior in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. I am focusing my degree on Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy. I am a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and am the Director of Creative Integration on the Bateman team, which is an elite group of students who researches, plans, and implements a public relations campaign to compete at a national level. Graduating from the Midwest College of Cosmetology in 2005, I have been working as a hairstylist for about seven years. I love the industry and am a strong believer in the importance of constant and continuing education. Communication, along with the hair/ fashion industry are two of my greatest passions; and I would ultimately love to find a career that merges both worlds together.

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